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Сова — логотип команды «АГА»
English / Английский
English / Английский

What game are we playing: A competitive
version of «What? Where? When?»

It is a team game of the question-answer type. Unlike what usually happens in a TV quiz, several teams compete together and receive simultaneously the same questions. The answers are given in writing. The winners are the team who gave the largest number of right answers.

The competitive practice of this «W.W.W» game is to be found extensively in Russia and foreign countries near and far (U.S.A, Germany, Israel, Australia, Canada etc) There are clubs in most of the large cities and in a great many smaller towns throughout Russia and the countries of the former USSR. Many of these clubs organize tournaments not only for their own teams, but also tournaments open to teams from different cities and countries (hundreds of teams compete in the biggest tournaments). In february 2007, 237 «W.W.W» clubs could be listed, not including students' clubs and school clubs, each of them being composed of dozens of teams. For more details on this subject the following site is available:

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